July 5, 2017



Oh Muriel this water's sooo cold....

Oh Brad, this water's sooooooo HOT....
There's something sensual and alluring about bathing in the outdoors; maybe it's an Adam and Eve moment when we feel at one with nature, or perhaps how good we feel when we abandon our Victorian  modesty about our bodies... 
Regardless, it's a great sensation.

I've designed several of these over the years and clients always comment on how much they continue to enjoy them

(Source: Viceroy)
 The walled area outside eliminates any privacy issues and abates the animistic noises which are bound to happen with such a sexy bathing place. 

(Source: Mencke and Vagnby)
This outdoor "bathing room" accommodates a large stone tub and separate waterfall shower, how sexy is that? 

(Source: Architectural Review)
This bath has French doors opening out to a small private shower. Notice the water source outside - a bamboo branch.

(Source: Murdock-Solon Arch.)
This contemporary bath with long-distance views opens to a balcony fitted with a shower so bathers can step through the indoor shower to take one outside - weather permitting.

(Source: Pinterest)
This modern cement-walled shower has insulated doors which open to another outdoor shower to use in fair weather. The detail of the wooden flooring aligning with the outdoor decking is a nice detail.

(Source: Tumbler)
A contemporary home tucked into the woods utilizes a large side deck as their natural shower area just outside the master bedroom. I'm imagining all the local fauna lined up each morning for the show...

(Source: Town and Country)
A stone residence has an intimate shower immediately outside the master suite for quick rinse-off's when needed... 
Notice the projecting stone ledges for the products and the teak wall piece concealing the plumbing.

(Source: Casa Diseno)
A modern home located their outdoor shower convenient to the pool, beach and the main house. The sand washes back to the ground instead of into a drain.

Away from the house, but equally interesting 

(Source: Freshome)
Set into the side of the pool deck this wooden structure feels natural and private. Next time your four-year-old asks "where do babies come from" show them this photo...  

(Source:  Coastal Living)
Simple and successful!  An anti-room to hang your clothes to keep them dry and a large showering area with room for more than one person...

(Source: Coastal Living)
Adjacent to the pool area a small "shower house" doubles as a changing room for guests; its architectural, well-designed and practical.

(Source: Coastal Living)
Simple, easy to build and out of the way.

(Source: Trends Magazine)
From outside it looks like a stone wall; from inside it's a steamy, sexy, sun-soaked ablution garden...

Portable showers aren't so bad, especially in hard-freeze zones

(Source: The Stock Blog)
This teak freestanding shower offers no privacy, but it's perfect for rinsing off the salt or chlorinated water

(Source: Pinterest)
Cowabunga dude!
After you've spent the day stoked up in the curls you can get your clean on with this rad, short-board shower, man.

(Source: Cottage Living)
The basic old-fashioned shower; it works perfectly and anything elaborate would look pretentious with this old shabby-chic style home.

Soaking tubs have gone to new levels!

(Source: Tahoe Design House)
Soaking in a warm teak tub with a fireplace on one side and the great outdoors all around....GTFO!

(Source: Elias Rizo Arch.)
I'd be all prune'y from this tub 'cause I'd never get out of it....

(Source: Joseph Paul Davis Interiors)
sunken tub on this loggia, just off this bedroom, offers a discreet spot to soak your booty while soaking in the views

(Source: St Barths Monthly)
Who wouldn't switch from showers to baths if you had this just outside your bathroom, riiiight?

(Source: Emma's Bog)
As I always say ... Less is more!

You Can Do It, I'm Here To Help!

May 9, 2017



Brace yourselves, don't fall out of your Barcelona chairs onto your
Moroccan-shag-carpets, but I have have truly shocking news!


Just as I predicted, mid-century modern would die a slow painful death, and now we've come full circle, again, back to cotton chintz!  But not the 'sweet' girly chintz's, or the rooms draped with ten different patterns like the 90's looks below

Bold, larger scaled chintz's, updated colors and fresh interpretations.
What's sexier than a clean-lined room with a touch of color and romance?

OMG, right?

The new look of comfort

Today's rooms aren't as rigid with their style or influences,
living with what you like is what's hot now.
(Pity for those with crap taste) 

This is what butched-up chintz looks like

Does it get  a-n-y  more chic than this?

This ain't Granny's place... 
(all three fabrics are chintz!)

Chintz pillows play with the rug and make the sofa look more inviting. 

A bit schmaltzy for my taste, but definitely a fresh take on a traditional space. The sofa in chintz balances the heaviness of the velvet.

  Twenty years ago this room would've had mahogany furniture and overstuffed upholstered pieces in it;
Ten years ago it would've had no curtains, a Lucite coffee table and two pieces of uncomfortable leather furniture;
Now, it's all about comfort and softness.

The two French chairs in floral chintz give this modern ensemble some levity.

This Harbor Island home has pale/faded chintz on the upholstery to add a 'cozy layer' instead of the ubiquitous Ralph Lauren look of white slip covers  

Who says chintz needs to look like Pantone threw up all over it?
These faded umber tones are totally rocking' it.

Removing the tassel's, fringes, busy wallpapers and carpets, THAT'S what the new chintz room is about

 A minimalist's chintz bedroom...

Bedrooms, especially in cottages, should be softer and cozier, not commercial feeling like many modern bedrooms.

All the fluffy crap is missing (thank God) in the new chintz rooms! 

The new English style, personal, uncluttered
with a comfy chintz slip covered chair … bliss!
Once chintz is broken in, it has the softest feel, like an old bathrobe that
you just can't throw out because it feels so nice against your skin... 

Don't want floral curtains or pillows?
Have it applied to your tired-old, ugly chests!

Go ahead, live like a big girl!

One chair like this in your bedroom and
you're all done, baby!

The ONLY thing that could make this wild-ass bed not look like you won the lottery is to 'lower the tone' on the fabric.
A simple blue and white chintz does exactly that.

Too much pattern used outside gets confusing with the landscape.
Solid fabrics on large items are usually best.
BUT, the chintz pillows on the vintage chairs are enough
to give it that cozy, old porch feel.

That little pop of color on the sofa implies fresh outdoor flowers.

This fern printed chintz pattern is ancient, but its effect here is modern and fresh on this glass porch, bringing the outdoors indoors.

As thrifting's hot for people who like "a look" at home, but low on coin - why not try chintz and give the old pieces some BOOM!?

Live in an area where the sun don't shine much?
Color up!

You'd be surprised how much one little chintz
pillow can add to a boring room.

Got some old furniture from Aunt Daisy's attic?
Grab a funky chintz and make it yours. 

Lets say you have an all-white master bedroom, which you like, but your white bathroom feels all clinical an stuff, right?



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